A comprehensive management solution for any tenancy-based business

About Our Paltform

ManageRoom is the result of various years of intensive customer research. We investigated and interviewed hostel owners, hotel managers, and room renters from all around the world to develop a comprehensive web platform for managing any tenancy-based business. ManageRoom was created with three principles in mind. Saving time, money, and hassle for managers, staff, and renters so that their stay is simple and pleasant. Continue reading for a more in-depth study of the product based on real user comments. Please contact us at any time. ManageRoom guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and zero consumer remorse.

Platform Benefits & Features

  • You won't need to manage a server or hire IT staff. ManageRoom is a completely managed web platform.
  • The paltform offers the ability to customize roles and permissions to enable for easy access control for different users.
  • Its scalability is ensured by the ability to add, view, update, and remove an unlimited number of resources (Room, Tenant, and Staff).
  • Its dashboard provides rapid access to summarized information.
  • It offers error-free money management for utilities, expenses, invoices (rent), and salaries.
  • Its advanced engineering and easily upgradeable features assure security and user friendliness.

Main Features
Payments Management
Account Management
Complaints Management
Expense Management
Inventory Management
Lease Monitor
Easy Navigation
Rooms Management
Permissions Management
Tenants Management
Utility Bills Management
Cleaning Management

Our Pricing

We offer 3 payment plans and the flexibility to delete your subscription whenever you like - no questions asked. Please allow 24 hours after payment for your account to be fully activated.


1-Month Subscription



6-Months Subscription



12-Months Subscription


Is ManageRoom good for hotel management?

Yes, ManageRoom was designed for hotel management. It is regarded as one of the best hotel management software in the industry.

Is this platform complete in terms of hotel guest management features?

Yes, ManageRoom may assist you in easily managing all of your guests.

Is ManageRoom a good hotel management software for small hotels?

Yes, it has already alleviated the headaches of thousands of small hotel owners!

I've been running a hotel for a number of years. So far, I've been operating my hotel manually. But now I believe that hotel management ERP software can assist me in efficiently managing my hotel. Is ManageRoom capable of providing hotel management ERP functionalities?

Yes, ManageRoom has the quality to meet your needs.

Can I use ManageRoom as a room rental management system for my small hostel?

Of course you can. This software is intended for managing hotel and hostel rooms and group of flats and apartments.

For my hostel business, I'm looking for the best Hostel management software, Hotel management accounting software, and Hostel administrator software.

ManageRoom might be the perfect option for your company. It saves time, money, and hassle for managers, staff, and renters.

I'm having trouble managing my hotel rooms and inventory. So I'm looking for hotel room management software or hotel room inventory management software that can assist me.

You can certainly manage your hotel rooms, inventory, and payrolls with the help of ManageRoom. There are also some other extremely handy features that you will like.

Is there any common software that may be utilized in both college and school hostel management software?

ManageRoom is intended for both school and college hostel administration. This is the ideal software to assist you in both instances.

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